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Ankit Chhajed the 2X Business Consultant

I work with your team to improve the overall user engagement with your product, increase brand recall and increase the conversion% of your users interacting with your product over all touchpoints.

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Points of focus

User Engagement

The user engagement is driven by 100s of parameters which does exist as patterns in your data, starting from the touchpoint smoothness, the intuitiveness of the flow or even the time of the day....

Customer Retention

Your data has most of the answers that you are looking for, which by diving and decoding we are able to map what your returning users are doing, which is making them like the product, and replicate the journey...

Increase Conversion

A lot of factors does affect the conversion and studying those variables for your business and identifying patterns helps us improve the funnels one by one, and gradually it starts to compound...

Let the numbers speak


Happy Clients

Helping them transform their business, increase their engagement rates over various touchpoints.


Success Rate

Have been able to achieve results for everyone who has worked with us for more than 6 months.


Min. Increase in conversion rate

Have been able to successfully double the conversion rate of almost all our clients, with a few reaching as high as 2.4x.

How does it works

Interpreting the data, right

One of the major possibility opener for any company is through insights that come from their own data. It thus becomes very important that data is interpreted correctly by the Analytics team.

Designing the experiments

From product to marketing, every insight that drawn from the data, leaves us with an hypothesis to move to the next logical step, which needs to be validated first. We work with your Design team to bring out the right experiment along with setting the correct KPIs to measure it.


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Rs. XX,000 / monthPrice available on request
  • 3 Months contract
  • Ideation with 1 Leader
  • Data Driven insights
  • Drive 1 team member for results
  • 2 Experiments / month
  • A potential of 10% KPIs increament / month after first 3 months.
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